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If you’re storing personal information regarding customers and staff confidential business plans, or sensitive legal documents You must ensure they are safe. This means making sure they’re not easily accessible to anyone else than the people you have given permission to view them, and also that they cannot be printed, copied or modified.

Idealy, you should use a system for managing documents that can limit access to electronic files. A good document management system will come with audit trails and monitors that can identify suspicious activity. It also stops unauthorised parties from using firm passwords and usernames to gain access to private email accounts or sensitive areas of the system. This will prevent these people from distributing copies of your protected files on USB devices to unauthorized locations.

If you wish to limit access to a specific document then click the Permissions icon. You’ll be able select from a menu of access levels. You could, for example grant Ranjit permission to access a specific document but not to modify it. Once you’ve done that the message will show saying that the document is rights-managed.

You can also limit access to the entire case where the filing is located by filing a request to seal or cover a case. If the court agrees to your request, all the documents in that case are kept secret until you decide to unseal them.

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